About Us
Citipack Systech Group Corporation, we aim to achieve high levels of excellence in our chargers and cables business. Throughout we provide an unmatched customer service experience and continuously staff to be the best they can be. Our commitment to excellence also extends to the way we manage our products.

We have a highly talented and expert fleet of professionals who have wide expertise in this field of procurement of high quality products and secure delivery to client in a timely manner.

Systech committed to offer chargers, cables at competitive price to our customers. With us you are getting the best charger price and quality as we deal only with better-quality and these products are widely acclaim for keeping up the industry standard.

We are continually updating and enhancing our product line with new releases and creating tools to consumers about our products field. Systech are evolving rapidly to meet current environmental, technological and social demands – and to plan for a sustainable future. Create life balance and extend your retreats into the great outdoors.

Systech Group Corporation, History:

1.Established on December 5, 1990
2.Headquarter in Taiwan
3.Taiwan Factory area are 1000 sq. meter
4.Taiwan Factory has 3 assembly line
5.Taiwan Production line have 35 workers
6.Taiwan R&D Engineers have 5 personsChina Factory area are 3500 sq. meter
7.China Factory has 5 assembly line
8.China Production line have 200 workers
9.China R&D Engineers have 12 persons
10.Products are mobile phone accessories
11.Annual sales revenue : USD 15 million
12.Monthly capacity : 1 million
13.Export Countries: USA, Germany, Spain, France, Poland, Italy and Russia