65W Travel Charger GaN, USB-C(PD)3.0 + USB-A QC3.0,
Output:5 V - 20 V
Input:100-240 V
Charging technology Power delivery
Notebook input voltage: 5-20 V

1.Power supply for smartphones and tablets with
USB -C and USB -A port via the socket
intelligent and safe charging:
2.overcharge and over voltage and short-circuit
3.downward compatible with all versions of Power
Delivery and Qualcomm® Quick Charge ™ 3.0
4.Max. Output power: Total 65 watts (USB-C 65
watts PD , USB -A 19.5 watts QC 3.0)
1 Premium quality in workmanship and performance
2 Powerful GaN technology: Maximum efficiency with low heat generation and that in a compact and light
design - components made of gallium nitride make it possible
3 Supports Power Delivery and Qualcomm® Quick Charge ™ 2.0 / 3.0 technology, this guarantees extremely
fast charging, faster than with conventional charging technologies
4 Convenient and quick connection thanks to the USB-C socket that can be used on both sides
5 Guaranteed maximum charging speed with a charge optimized for the device
6 Optimized charging process protects the battery and thus extends the service life
7 Connected devices are automatically recognized and optimally charged
8 Mains connection of 100–240V suitable for worldwide use in connection with country-specific adapter
LED function display provides information about the device status