Apple Lightning Charge to Type-C / (C94) / 1M Sync Cable
USB standard:USB 2.0
Max. Data transfer rate:480 Mbit / s
Max. Voltage:20 V
Max. Current transfer:3 A
High speed for the iPhone: with our fast charging cable we make the impossible possible! With a power delivery charger and our high-speed cable, you get the most out of it: up to 35% faster than with the standard charging accessories from the iPhone.

1.The USB-C port and the new Lightning connector enable the quick charging function of the Apple
iPhone with a power delivery charger (PD)
2.Convenient and quick connection thanks to the USB-C connector that can be used on both sides
3.Robust plugs as well as molded strain relief, extremely mechanically resilient
4.For resolving data transmission and charging together
5.Fast charging does not hurt the phone and speed stability.
6.High standard of quality cable cord to ensure rapid data transmission.